Things I've written

The first thing to mention is probably my dissertation:
Designing Location-Based Games PDF (9.1MB)

I have produced other scientific content as well, but I was never very good at keeping record of those things. My dissertation is the culmination of this anyways, so I won't put more of my academic past here. If you are interested in it feel free to check my old (messy) work page at the Media Computing Group's site. Their list of publications also tracks some of my contributions and has lots of interesting reads in general.

The book cover of my dissertation

That's it for now so far. I actually tend to produce a lot of text, but usually nothing I'd put on here. Mostly it's hobby-related, some of it can be found in the Gaming & Hobbies section. There's also my blog, but to be honest that's a rather quiet place these days, ahem.



Gaming & Hobbies

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