Some random thoughts on my dissertation topic

The first, and hopefully not last, blog post is already just some rambling mess. I wrote it very, very spontaneously and basically just let out what I had on my mind. I make unfounded claims, sure, but the whole thing is just an idea. Jan was so kind to provide me with some feedback already (I marked it in red).

Some parts might be a little weird (some might even say embarrassing, but I usually am not embarrassed when giving away details of my geeky childhood. 🙂 ), so be prepared for a laugh or two.

I’d appreciate feedback, just leave it in a comment.

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Neater blog started

The template for blogs that my chair offers looked kind of… well, ugly (sorry, boss), so I decided to switch to a blog run on my own, private domain. This will also grant me more control over what I can do, especially commenting should be a lot easier for people.

I will migrate the old blog (so far only one article anyways) very soon.

For those interested: I will keep the entire blog in English, because that’s getting to a broader audience (haha, as if anyone would really read this thing here…)