Ergo Proxy

Keine deutsche Version, sorry.

So far I haven’t used this blog much to write about hobbies. I’m still not sure whether it’s a wise thing to change that, since I dislike publishing up too much personal information on the web. Then again work life and some other issues already resulted in my name being mentioned on the net (something I desperately tried to avoid as a kid & later as a student), so what the heck.

Another thing is that when I grew up, this specific interest could easily result in people looking at you strangely. “You watch Anime? Aren’t those these weird cartoons from Japan?” they’d say, with a condescending look. As a result most people in my generation who liked the medium stayed either silent about it or drifted into total geekdom, alienating themselves from “outsiders” even more. Not that there’s something inherently wrong with that, as in an “out & proud” kind of way, but I know people who are so over the top with this that they make even me cringe.

Logo of Ergo Proxy

Logo of the show, © NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan Manglobe (the original studio, Manglobe, no longer exists)

Anyway, today I want to write about an underrated anime named “Ergo Proxy”. It’s not a recent anime by far (from 2006), but I just finished re-watching it (I got the DVDs).


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Relaunch of this blog

Okay, I have to face it: The idea to use a blog to spark advancement in my research didn’t work too well. I guess I wasn’t after it enough to actually lead to something useful and by now my work has diverted from those few original posts anyways.

Actually I have arrived at this conclusion quite some time ago already, but I was unsure what to do with this dead end here. Should I delete it? But what about the off chance that somebody actually linked to this, or stumbles on hints about it in some other context? Even if the probability of that is low, I didn’t want to just delete it and leave some obscure void behind.

So after thinking about it in circles for several months I guess the only thing I can do is write a final post about it and then do something different with the blog.

Lately there have been some thoughts from my private, not work-related life that I thought might deserve being put to paper. Er, to digital writing…

Knowing me that doesn’t mean my posting frequency would necessarily increase at all, but from now on I will at least have a theoretical place to put this stuff.

In the future this blog might (or might not, as I said I know me…) get posts about personal stuff. Random rants about internet life (cause I’m a dork), roleplaying or even anime. I might even write in German for family and non-English speaking friends (some actually asked about this, believe it or not).

I won’t delete the initial few posts, but I guess if I really do go through with writing about hobby stuff they will eventually be pushed back enough to vanish in comparison to the rest.